The easiest and most efficient way to get ahold of us is by sending an email.

We’ll get in touch as soon as possible – usually within a couple of hours during business hours.

Getting Started Videos2020-01-07T15:40:19+00:00

For a quick look at some of the common tasks and capabilities of Simple Sales Tracking, take a look through the Getting Started Videos.

How do I recover a forgotten password?2020-01-07T19:43:44+00:00

From the password recovery screen, enter your Simple Sales Tracking username or email address you used when you signed up. A reminder will be sent to you.

What do I need to use Simple Sales Tracking?2019-12-27T20:58:52+00:00

Simple Sales Tracking is accessed entirely through your computer internet browser. Most browsers are supported – including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. If you find an issue in how the application is being displayed in your browser, please contact us at

For Full Account subscribers, you may optionally download a Microsoft Outlook Plugin, for syncronizing appointments and contacts. You will need Outlook installed on your computer first, before installing the plugin.

What types of documents can be imported and attached to a sale?2019-12-27T20:59:52+00:00
  • Jpg, Gif and Png imagesold.
  • Multi & Single Page Pdfs, no secure pdf.
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Publisher
  • Plain Text and RTF Documents
What User Roles and Levels of Security are there?2019-12-27T21:00:40+00:00

There are two types of users within Simple Sales Tracking. The base access level is “User”. A User has the ability to control all features of the application for their own information and based on security settings, those of their team mates. “Administrators” have the ability to administer settings for all Users within the team, including currency settings and adding additional Users. Also, they have the capability of setting Sales, Contacts & Appointments as private (each User’s information is only viewable by them along) and public (each User in a team can see and collaborate on each others information).

Is my information secure and protected?2019-12-27T21:01:23+00:00

We take the security of your information very seriously, using the same enterprise strength 128 bit SSL encryption that banks use. Your data is backed up daily and our hosting partner has some of the best security policies in the business.

How will I be billed?2019-12-27T21:03:29+00:00

Your credit card will be billed monthly. There are no contracts or hidden fees; you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

Do I need to provide a credit card for the trial?2020-01-27T19:14:56+00:00

You do not need to provide a credit card or any other billing information for the trial. Once you decide to subscribe, you will be asked to enter this information through a secure payment processing page.

Can I have more than one seat during a trial?2020-01-27T19:15:29+00:00

You can have more than one seat during a trial. You are able to add the additional seats when creating your trial account or any time after through your account admin page.

Are there any limits during the trial period?2020-02-13T17:54:06+00:00

During the trial period, the only limits we impose are (1) a total file storage size of 25 Mbytes, (2) a maximum of 3 Twitter search terms, and (3) the ability to import only 50 sales records at a time.

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The easiest and most efficient way to get ahold of us is by sending an email.

We’ll get in touch as soon as possible – usually within a couple of hours during business hours.

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Customer Reviews

I researched all of the other online lead management programs that I could find and I signed up for free trials on any that offered them so that I could really test them out. From a functionality standpoint, Simple Sales Tracking does everything that I need it to ensure that I am making the most of my advertising dollars and properly following up on the leads generated and was by far the most fairly priced. However, it was truly the high standard of customer service that caused me to sign up for the paid version of the program even though I had not yet reached my maximum of 50 tracked leads that the free version provided.

Since beginning to use this program to manage all of my leads I have gained the confidence that I am doing everything possible to convert leads into actual contracts and I look forward to my continued positive experiences with the company.

For anyone who may be in search of a great leads management software, I can’t recommend this company highly enough!

SouthShore Property ManagementDixie Carlotti, SouthShore Property Management

We’ve been using Simple Sales Tracking for 4 months now and it’s an invaluable business tool which we could not function without. It’s user friendly and has all the “bells and whistles” of much more expensive systems offered by larger competitors.

I like everything about it but particularly value the ability to create custom fields in the database. This feature provides lots of flexibility in terms of how you manage your business development activities. We’re adding a new partner this month and I’m excited to get him up and running on the system. Simple Sales is the best. I will continue to recommend it to all of my professional colleagues who are seeking to more effectively manage their prospects and client relationships.

Coral Bridge PartnersJeff Husserl, Coral Bridge Partners

We’ve been very impressed with the great features that exist in Simple Sales Tracking. It allows us to effectively manage our leads as well as improves the collaboration on our sales team.

IHOU - International Hispanic Online UniversityKent Johnson, IHOU

We have been using it now and absolutely love it and it has made us more efficient, productive and we have seen immediate results. Plus we wasted ZERO time on integration as none of our employees needed training!

Strength TeamJohn Erbele, Strength Team

As a marketing services provider, we’re continually looking for practical solutions to client issues. Simple Sales Tracking is a cost effective, straight forward piece of software for running lead based sales and marketing campaigns. Being web based, it’s great for managing leads and opportunities across a distributed sales force.

Traffic NZ LimitedJon Bridge, Traffic NZ Limited