You spoke and we listened. Thanks to your feedback and others like you, we’ve made a number of changes to Simple Sales Tracking – which went live last night.

The largest of the changes has been a popular request. You’ll find on the Accounts, Opportunities and Lead list pages that you can now choose which columns of information you’d like to display. No longer are you stuck with the defaults. Customize them to show what’s most important for you and your sales activities.

Have a suggestion to make Simple Sales Tracking better? Tell us about it by email or on @simplesales on Twitter now.

Complete List of New Features

This latest release includes the following new and improved features.

  • Details for Appointments: Just like with Tasks, you can now include extra details about an Appointment.
  • Appointments in Search Results: Appointments will now be included in search results.
  • Improved Search Results: Search results (from the search bar on the Start Page) have been improved to include searches in additional fields – like Lead Source and Address.
  • Associated Opportunities Correction: To reduce confusion, the Associated Opportunities list on your Accounts detail pages no longer include the detail of the Account itself. Only the associated sub-Opportunities.
  • Accounts Downgrade: Any account can now be downgraded back to an Opportunity. First, make sure the Account has no sub-Opportunities.
  • A bit of CleanUp: Depending on your setup, you may find a bit of tidy up on the Start Page.
  • Page Settings: As already mentioned at the beginning of this email update, Account, Opportunity and Lead list page columns can now be customized.