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We've been using Simple Sales Tracking for 4 months now and it's an invaluable business tool which we could not function without. It's user friendly and has all the "bells and whistles" of much more expensive systems offered by larger competitors.

I like everything about it but particularly value the ability to create custom fields in the database. This feature provides lots of flexibility in terms of how you manage your business development activities. We're adding a new partner this month and I'm excited to get him up and running on the system. Simple Sales is the best. I will continue to recommend it to all of my professional colleagues who are seeking to more effectively manage their prospects and client relationships.

Jeff HusserlCoral Bridge Partners

I researched all of the other online lead management programs that I could find and I signed up for free trials on any that offered them so that I could really test them out. From a functionality standpoint, Simple Sales Tracking does everything that I need it to ensure that I am making the most of my advertising dollars and properly following up on the leads generated and was by far the most fairly priced. However, it was truly the high standard of customer service that caused me to sign up for the paid version of the program even though I had not yet reached my maximum of 50 tracked leads that the free version provided.

Since beginning to use this program to manage all of my leads I have gained the confidence that I am doing everything possible to convert leads into actual contracts and I look forward to my continued positive experiences with the company.

For anyone who may be in search of a great leads management software, I can’t recommend this company highly enough!

Dixie CarlottiSouthShore Property Management

As our organization was quickly outgrowing our old CRM we needed to find something that was easy to use, online, conducive for multi-state offices, and did exactly what we needed it to do. We tested everything out there including a friend of mine who is a CEO of a large software development company wanted me to beta test their new $5000 CRM software and I wasn’t as happy as Simple Sales Tracking and actually turned the offer down! We have been using it now and absolutely love it and it has made us more efficient, productive and we have seen immediate results. Plus we wasted ZERO time on integration as none of our employees needed training! Our entire staff was up and using it efficiently in one day not to mention the support has been great! I would highly recommend... plus for $15/month... crazy not to at least try it!

John ErbeleStrength Team

We've been very impressed with the great features that exist in Simple Sales Tracking. It allows us to effectively manage our leads as well as improves the collaboration on our sales team.

Kent JohnsonIHOU

As a marketing services provider, we’re continually looking for practical solutions to client issues. Simple Sales Tracking is a cost effective, straight forward piece of software for running lead based sales and marketing campaigns. Being web based, it’s great for managing leads and opportunities across a distributed sales force.

Jon BridgeTraffic NZ Limited

Simple Sales Tracking does exactly as it's name suggests. It helps us track all aspects of our sales in an simple to use interface and is easy to understand for anyone at any level of computer knowledge.

Chase FlorellInfinitas Advantage

We have only been using Simple Sales for only a short time; it has brought our sales in all of our offices closer together. The sales teams in our three offices have accomplished more in the past week with Simple sales, then they have in the past month or two. The customer service is outstanding, with immediate responses to assist with whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Joseph GolembieskiMBA Building Services

If users like ourselves have an idea for Simple Sales Tracking and suggest it, quickly the product is enhanced and it’s in the next upgrade.

Michael UlineInsight Financial Marketing LLC