Part of being a company that offers a service means you have to be efficient and effective both out in the field and in the office. Doing so helps you solve more customer concerns, convert more leads and establish loyalty with existing patrons. A customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Simple Sales CRM is an ideal way to do this. It can assist you in keeping up with client information and ensure clients receive everything they need to fulfill their requests and foster satisfaction with your business.

Best of all, you can incorporate our small business CRM software into your everyday operations without doing major technological overhauls or investing large amounts of money. This is especially valuable to small businesses that are still climbing their way up in the business world. To learn more about what our simple yet powerful CRM can do to bolster revenue for plumbers and HVAC companies, keep reading.

Why HVAC Companies Need a CRM

With Simple Sales CRM, your HVAC company can stay organized with document management for maintenance jobs, customer quotes and more from one integrated platform. Faster workflows mean you can get rid of bottlenecks in common office processes and enhance employee productivity.

As a CRM for HVAC companies and many other industries, our software collects various types of customer information and curates it in one place for easier access. That way, you can see how many customer accounts and prospects you have and get an idea of how they feel about your business. Some examples of information you’d have access to with our HVAC CRM include:

  • Customer profiles: Customer profiles can include information such as product installations and maintenance tasks you’ve completed for each customer, which can help you when troubleshooting any issues or doing additional work at a later date. Profiles on Simple Sales CRM also include contact information, opportunity details and a warm and cold scale of where prospects stand with your business.
  • Analytical data: Analytical data is the backbone of any successful company, whether you’re trying to improve your marketing campaign or get information on current customers. With data collected from Simple Sales CRM activity reports, you can make informed and accurate decisions about your company without relying on guesswork.
  • Customer interactions history: Keeping a running tab of your customer interactions history using our CRM’s calendar and fully featured task management system helps you provide more personalized and relevant services for your patrons. You can immediately check which customers you’ve followed up with or provided technical support for if you need to access that information but don’t remember the last service date.
  • Business and customer contacts: Our CRM also enables you to record your contacts and store a complete cache of emails, which can consist of correspondence with your patrons and other businesses. If you order HVAC parts from a certain supplier, you can store their contact information in your database for easier reference and reordering.

Why Plumbing Companies Need a CRM

Plumbing companies benefit from Simple Sales CRM for many of the same reasons why HVAC businesses do — to uphold customer satisfaction and streamline operations. Between dispatching workers and creating invoices, you have many other customer-related tasks that require close attention and effort to accomplish successfully. A continually updated record of customer profiles and interactions helps you serve clients efficiently, whether you’re at their home or business or in the office.

Our high-quality CRM for plumbers and other businesses lets you associate specific documents with relevant customers, such as contracts, invoices and quotes. With this organized structure, you can always have the right information at your fingertips before going off to complete a job. This helps you be more productive at work and improve your professionalism in the customer’s eyes, which is crucial for getting repeat service and facilitating word-of-mouth marketing.

How Simple Sales CRM Makes Your Job Easier

If you need a small business CRM solution, Simple Sales CRM can deliver. We offer powerfully simple cloud-based software that can help you complete necessary business tasks without dealing with complicated software interfaces or unnecessary features you won’t use. When you choose our CRM, you get benefits like commission tracking, customizable features, document management, lead and sales management and much more. Here are just a few advantages you can reap from Simple Sales CRM:

1. Lead and Sales Pipeline Management

Simple Sales CRM lets you manage your leads, opportunities, and accounts so you can directly see who you’re working with and who’s most likely to convert. That way, you can put more resources toward individuals who are highly likely to convert rather than targeting all leads without a plan. You can draw in more leads who turn into opportunities and accounts by closely tracking the lead conversion process on your software dashboard — from initial analysis to negotiation.

2. Third-Party Marketing and Email

Need software that can easily integrate with other business platforms? Simple Sales CRM can do just that. It can accommodate email marketing and social media campaigns by connecting with Campaign Monitor and Hootsuite. You can use Campaign Monitor to send out customer surveys to gauge satisfaction or communicate discounts and deals on your services.

Perhaps you’ve begun a partnership with a leading HVAC unit supplier and can now install more powerful and long-lasting units. Informing customers and prospects of this through email or social media can interest them in doing business with you. Even if they don’t buy, they may have friends and family members who need a new system.

3. Sales Commission Tracking

By using our CRM for plumbers and HVAC businesses, you can determine the expected commission for each of your opportunities based on a predetermined percentage rate you set for your account. You can also create up to seven custom data fields to track business-related information associated with each sales record. This detailed insight can give you renewed control over your business that you might have missed out on before.

Ultimately, CRMs for HVAC companies and plumbers assist you in keeping your customers happy and better managing your internal operations, which has numerous perks for growing your small business. Growth is a critical factor for deciding whether a small business will be successful, and you’ll want to take every opportunity to help your company stand out among other service providers in the area.

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If you’re inspired to boost your business, sign up for our 14-day free trial — no credit card required — to see what our company can offer you! You can get secure access online from any location, and our CRM also comes in a mobile version for those who prefer an on-the-go platform. If you have any questions, check out our support page or call us at 1-586-343-1773 to speak with one of our representatives.

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