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Simple Sales Tracking is web-based sales CRM software for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales pipeline and contacts.

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  • Free Trial: No cost, No credit card required. Fully Featured, Gold Support.
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  • Extremely simple to use and intuitive layout.
  • Data Portability – Take your data with you! If for any reason you need your data, easily download it to your computer.
  • Assign and track sales pipeline and contacts across the entire team.
  • Secure online access from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Low cost of ownership with no software, or hardware to maintain.
  • Automatic data backup.
  • Web API for tying in data and functionality to your own software applications.
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Customer Spotlight

Customer Review - ColorShadowDamian Tran, ColorShadow Communications Inc. “I have been using and so far found only your site which your GUI and the functionality described is by far seem superior in a sense that it’s user intuitive and doesn’t have all the bells & whistle that most biz dev person like me needs or will ever use. Our company uses a couple of products such as and yours is in alignment with the same style that we like.”

A Better Way

Simple Sales Tracking was born out of a need that existed within our own sales team. Back in 2005 we tried a number of crm sales tools that were available, but each crm proved either too complex to use, difficult to learn, expensive or a combination of the three.

We knew there had to be a better way.

We needed a crm and sales pipeline tool to help each sales team member track their sales and everyone to work together. It was important that the software was easy for the entire sales team to use, while providing detailed reports and reporting.

The result was a sales crm pipeline system with company wide by-in. This made all the difference to becoming better coordinated, organized and ultimately closing more sales.

Today, Simple Sales Tracking helps thousands of sales teams and small and medium sized businesses in 130 countries world-wide to get organized and close more sales.

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CRM Features

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