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Construction and Contractor CRM Software

CRM stands for client relationship manager, which is software that brings data about your relationships, leads and communications to a single place. Over the years, CRMs have become increasingly more affordable and specialized, and some are designed specifically for contractors. The best CRM for the construction industry will incorporate both contact and project management, along with helpful tracking and organizational features.

Are you an independent contractor or an owner of a small- to medium-sized construction business looking for a small construction CRM? At Simple Sales Tracking, we can provide you with the CRM that is right for your business.

Why Use a CRM for Your Construction Business

Independent contractors and owners of small to medium construction businesses have a lot to juggle. Using a CRM software for construction companies offers several advantages that can make your business more organized and efficient.

1. Develop and Manage Your Customer Relationships

Relationships are a key component of success in the construction industry, as customers tend to hire a firm they trust. This is why many independent contractors turn to CRMs to manage their relationships with clients. A CRM can easily help you collect and maintain your clients’ information, such as:

  • Who your client is.
  • Your success rate with the client.
  • What your client has said during interactions.
  • What projects you have completed for this client.
  • How frequently you communicate with this client.
  • What projects you have completed that resemble the client’s current project.

With a small construction CRM, you will no longer need to track this information with tools like Excel or Word, which can result in an unwieldy number of files that are difficult to keep up-to-date.

To develop strong relationships with your customers, you will need to prove to them that your small business is reliable. A CRM can prevent you from missing important opportunities like emails and phone calls. CRMs enable you to keep track of your follow-up commitments to your clients and communicate effectively.

2. Enhance Your Customer Service

Because you can better manage your customers’ information, a CRM will help you enhance your customer service. You can build profiles of each of your clients and easily access important information about them, such as past communications and previous projects. Your customers won’t need to repeat their stories or needs, and your ability to provide better service will strengthen your customer loyalty.

3. Automate Your Digital Marketing

With a CRM, you can automate your digital marketing efforts. You can generate leads and send automated emails like monthly newsletters. Email marketing is key to retaining customers and generating new leads. For example, if you renovated a customer’s kitchen and keep in touch, they may call you when they want to renovate their bathroom. A CRM can make marketing easier and faster, so you can focus on your actual construction work.

4. Close More Deals

Another reason to use a CRM in your construction business is to close more deals. A CRM provides sales tools that can keep you organized so you can easily access and track recent bids, contacts and important documents. CRMs allow you to handle sales deals and the bidding process more easily. When you implement a CRM into your business, you can increase your profitability and success.

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A CRM Designed for Construction Companies and Contractors

A CRM can offer many benefits — as long as you get one that works well for independent contractors and construction businesses. The right CRM enables you to increase your sales and stay competitive by making it easier to track information about your customers and vendors and manage your bids and contracts.

Construction is a competitive industry, which means you should spend as little time on menial tasks like looking for contacts or important documents as possible. With a construction CRM, all of this information will be available in one place. This centralized location will allow you to keep track of all the company’s moving parts.

With a CRM for independent contractors and construction businesses, you can:

  • Store your contacts in a single place.
  • Track your open bids.
  • Receive notifications about due dates for your tasks.
  • Pinpoint and focus your efforts on project bids you have a high chance of winning.

Along with customer relationships, your business may need to juggle relationships with subcontractors, partners and suppliers. With a CRM, you can organize your contacts by category to view your current customers or your industry contacts easily.

A CRM designed for construction companies and contractors should also be cloud-based so it’s easy to access from anywhere, as you are constantly moving between job sites. With a mobile CRM, you can access your contacts, track bidding and monitor progress on your deals while you’re on the go.

Simple to Use and Easy to Set Up

At Simple Sales Tracking, our CRM for construction services is simple to use and easy to set up. You can access the CRM through your internet browser of choice, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Advantages of our CRM include:

  • Convenience: For your convenience, you can access all the relevant data and information you need. We also offer you the convenient option to upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any point for free.
  • Affordability: We offer a low monthly cost, along with no hidden costs or setup fees for our CRM to make it affordable for all small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • Portability of data: When you choose Simple Sales Tracking, your customer data is portable. With our mobile version, you can take your data with you and download it easily whenever you need it.
  • Ability to track and assign: If you manage a team, you can track and assign tasks across your team.
  • Security of your information and data: You can securely access your information and data. We use the same encryption that banks use, and your data is backed up automatically on a daily basis.

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Try Our CRM for Free Today

At Simple Sales Tracking, we have the best CRM for small construction businesses. Our CRM was developed out of a need among our own sales team. In 2005, we attempted to use several CRMs, but each one proved to be too expensive and too difficult to learn or use. So we created a CRM that can track sales and allow everyone on a team to work collaboratively.

We focused on making our software easy to use and effective in managing customer relationships to help close sales. With Simple Sales Tracking, you can become more organized, productive and successful. To find out why more than 8,300 of our clients in 23 countries around the world love Simple Sales Tracking, try our construction CRM software for free today.