How To’s

Another Addition to List Pages

The ability to perform bulk actions on Leads, Opportunities and Accounts has been a big hit! - So we've kept going. The latest bulk action now available is ownership reassignment.  You'll find under the Bulk Actions drop down list near the bottom of each of the Account, Opportunity and Lead list pages a new

Filter Selections Remembered

Something we've been receiving requests for lately is to have the filters for each of the list pages, 'remember' their settings. Also, if there's a way to change the default filter settings, which in the past have always been defaulted to In Progress and yourself as the Owner. With this latest release, you'll find

Campaign Monitor Integration

Today, we're excited to announce the integration of Simple Sales Tracking with Campaign Monitor. The close-knit integration extends Simple Sales Tracking by adding rich email marketing capabilities provided by Campaign Monitor and their on-demand software.  Read all about Campaign Monitor. Once enabled, easily manage the subscriptions of Accounts, Opportunities, Leads and Contacts.  The integration uniquely introduces a real-time connection to Campaign

Twitter CRM Integration!

Twitter has grown into a massive community of people talking about everything. People are talking about your industry, your competitors and probably about you. Within these conversations exist opportunities to connect, generate leads, support customers and discuss your industry.  Everything from "I wish I could find someone to help me with..." to "I'm unhappy

Upload Your Own Logo

We've just added the ability for you to upload your own custom logo to Simple Sales Tracking. Your logo replaces the now default logo of Simple Sales Tracking, making it easier to keep your brand consistent for you and your sales team while using Simple Sales Tracking. How To... 1. Go to your Admin

API Documentation & Samples

Following up on our email to you last week, we've now released the latest version of our API (Application Programming Interface), along with Documentation & Code Samples. The Simple Sales Tracking API provides you with the ability to connect and sync Simple Sales Tracking with your website and applications.   What can you do