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Bulk Delete Just Added

From time to time we get asked for the ability to delete multiple records at once.  This is especially true of Accounts, Opportunities & Leads. So - Thanks for the feedback, and you'll find we've now included this on each of the list pages.

Latest Release and the new My Resources page

Between now and into the new year, we'll be releasing a number of new capabilities to Simple Sales Tracking that have been highly requested. In today's release we've introduced the My Resources page, and the ability to Downgrade Opportunities to Leads, along with a number of other smaller tweeks and improvements. My Resources Maintain

Forward your Emails to Simple Sales Tracking

Your communications with prospects and customers is likely to include sending email messages. Until now, you've been limited to using either Notes or the Outlook plugin to track those email communications. Now, with the new Messages feature, you can easily forward any important email message to Simple Sales Tracking and have it automatically included in

Filter Selections Remembered

Something we've been receiving requests for lately is to have the filters for each of the list pages, 'remember' their settings. Also, if there's a way to change the default filter settings, which in the past have always been defaulted to In Progress and yourself as the Owner. With this latest release, you'll find

New Reports and a Few Changes

We've added 2 new report to capture more details on the dollar amounts of your opportunities.  Grouped by Account, both a summary and detail Opportunities report have been created which include  a Sum total of the Low, High and Actual (dollar) amounts.  The summary report also includes the Expected Closed Date as well as your User Defined fields.