Start Promoting & Earning!

As a referrer, you’ll be provided with a specific url that’s unique to you. Anyone who clicks that url and signs up to use Simple Sales Tracking will have your referrer code associated with their account. Even if they click the url, but don’t sign up, then come back another day and sign up, the tracking information will already be in place and you will get credit.

For every person you refer who signs up, from this point onwards, you’ll be issued a 20% commission every month for the duration of the customer’s service in residual, passive income.

Often, new users will initially sign up for a free trial. In this case, your referrer code is still attached to the company and in time if they sign up to a Full (paid) Account, you will begin receiving commissions at that point forward.

Referral Program

For example, if you were to refer a single 10 person company – that would generate $150 in revenue per month. Of that, you’d earn $30 per month for the duration of the service to that company.

If you were to refer one such company per month, by the end of the year you’d be receiving a payment every month for $360.

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